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Your Chinese Visa is Expired?...we can help.

China Drivers License

A Chinese driving licence can a foreigner get only if he has a Chinese residence of over six months, and if it already possesses a driving licence from another country. Around the Chinese driving licence examination to request you need a filled out request form, their passport, your European driving licence and a translation of your driving licence in Chinese. The translation must be signed by a translator. If you can already more than three years driving experience show, then you may participate without the practical examination do, and must only in the theoretical examination, and exist a health investigation.

Chinese Visa Expired

China visa For the entry to China one needs a Chinese visa. China visa can not with the arrival on Chinese territory be issued, but must before the start of the journey to China be already requested. Here you find helpful information and resuming left for requesting a Chinese visa. The information addresses itself primarily to applicants for a China visa in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. China visa request Depending upon the purpose of the entry to China you must request appropriate China visa: China tourist visa China visa service China visa request Further China visas: Student visa, work visa For short stays like a China journey, a visit or a conference the Chinese tourist visa is sufficient. Are however goods like expensive samples or fair articles to be in or implemented are necessary a Chinese business visa. Dependent on the reason of the journey to China the suitable visa China must be requested. Requesting China a visa can take place personally in the Chinese message and/or consulate or take over in agency from a China visa service. Visa China costs China visa costs are standardised and arrange themselves after the operating time and the desired number of possible entries. Requesting a visa for China is also in countries possible of which one the nationality does not possess. The visa fees are then usually higher than with requesting in the homeland. China visa request form and health certificate Independently of the kind of the visa there is China visa request, which must be filled out in each case. During the agency visas of an agency it can be conveyed by courier or on the post office way. For a long-term stay or a beginning of work in China must besides still further forms as for instance the health certificate are submitted.